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100% brand new and original made by Motorola - 100% fit perfectly

Replace the broken or old parts of your valuable motorola bluetooth easily, and looks well, use smoothly.

This Motorola Replacement ear hook is created to provide a form fitting secure fit on either ear. The ear hooks are custom-made to fit your compatible Motorola Bluetooth Headset. Simply wrap around behind either ear. Snap-on installation is quick and easy. This ear hook can be used as an optional or replacement ear hook for Motorola H-Series Bluetooth Headsets. (Bluetooth headset not included).

Suitable to use in police department, hotel, conference hall, restaurant, railway, construction site, casino, etc; PTT (Push To Talk) button attached; Fabric covered black and white cable; This is a non-OEM product; Earphone w mic ONLY! Two way radio in not included here.

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