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D-shaped Ear Hook Lapel Microphone for Baofeng / QuanSheng / HYT / TYT / Puxing radio
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Brand/Style: Hook
Part#: XLM412C-CK
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Two Way Radio Single Plug Ear Hook Microphone Earphone for Motorola
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Brand/Style: Hook
Part#: Gino
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Motorola OEM 2 Pieces Black Replacement Ear Hook Earhook Ear Loop for Motorola H12, H15, H270, H371, H375, H385, H390, H560, H620, H680, H681, H685, H690, H695, H780, H790 Bluetooth Headset
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Brand/Style: Hook
Part#: 2 X Motorola Ear Hook Black
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Motorola RLN6423B - Ear Hook Style Swivel Headset with in-line PTT Warranty: 1 Year Replacement! Compatible Models: Motorola - AXU4100, AXV5100, CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1413, CLS1450CB, CLS1450CH, CLS1453CB, CLS1453CH, CP100, CP110, CP125, DTR410, DTR510, DTR550, DTR610, DTR650, RDU2020, RDU2080D, RDU4100, RDU4160D, RDV2020, RDV2080D, RDV5100, SP10, SP21, VL50, XV1100, XV2100, XV2600, XU1100, XU2100, XU2600

It is illegal in all states to drive with your handicap tag hanging from the rearview mirror, but it is not easy to hang and remove the placard as required by law. Mirortag is designed to protect and preserve your tag. It allows you to easily display and put away your handicap parking placard. Simply insert your tag into the plastic holder, place the hook on rearview mirror once (no need to remove it every time). When parked, move plastic holder close to hook and the 2 magnets will snap together to hold the placard. Before you drive, simply pull down the plastic holder to unlatch it from the hook, and snap it onto the storage magnet so it is out of your way. MirorTag Gold has super strong magnets that keep the placard and hook held together. Unlike all flimsy sheaths, its sturdy plastic frame and hook are sun & cold-resistant, protecting your placard from cracks, tears and creases. MirorTag is offered in 4 versions, MirorTag Bronze, MirorTag Silver, Mirortag Gold and MirorTag Gold Plus. Both Gold and Silver share the same hook, with the plastic holder is thinner in the Silver and Bronze models (18 mils) vs the Gold that comes with a sturdier plastic (60 mils). Gold Plus is larger than Gold in size (placard up to 10.75" L). One Mirortag Gold holder and 2 hooks are included in this package, plus 2 storage magnets as well. Extra hooks and storage magnets can be purchased separately for multiple cars from our JL Safety store. WARNING: rearview mirror built-in compass operation may be affected by the magnet on some car models. All Made in USA.

Two-wires lapel microphone with Elastic D-ring earpiece. The headset comes with a Push-to-Talk microphone and another wire for D-ring earpiece. The ear hanger can be worn on either left or right ear. The ear piece hangs over the ear with the speaker resting beside the user's ear. The elastic D-ring frame is flexible and stretchable so that it fits all sized ears comfortably. This feature can accommodate users with very large ears. Great tool for low-profile environment especially surveillance purposes.

Baofeng Radio : UV-3R PLUS, UV-5R, UV-5RA, UV-5RB, UV-5RC, UV-5RD, UV-5RE, BF-320, BF-490, BF-520, BF-530, BF-568, BF-758S, BF-658, BF-666S, BF-777, BF-777S, BF-888S, BF-999, BF-999S, C150, BF-V6, BF-V7, BF-V8, BF-V85
Quansheng Radio: TG-K4AT, TG-2AT, TG-45AT, TG-42AT, TG-22AT, TG-25AT, TG-UV, TG-UV2, TG-6A, TG-46AT
Hytera (HYT) Radio: TC-268, TC-268S, TC-270, TC-368, TC-368S, TC-370, TC-700EX (pin to pin should be 12mm apart)
Puxing Radio : PX-777, PX-777 Plus, PX-666, PX-328, PX-333, PX-666, PX-888, PX-888K PX-999 PX-3288
Weierwei Radio : V-1000, VEV-3288S, VEV-6288, VEV-3288, VEV-5288, VEV-5299, VEV-6299
TYT Radio : TH-UVF1, TH-F2, TH-F5, TH-F7, TH-F8, TH-UVF9, TH-446, TYT-800, TYT-888, TYT-777, TYT-900
Wouxun Radio: KG-619, KG-639, KG-659, KG-669, KG-669 Plus, KG-679, KG-689, KG-689 Plus, KG-699, KG-703, KG-801, KG-3000, KG-3160, KG-3188, KG-3288, KG-5118 ,KG-UVD1, KG-UVD1P, KG-UV2D, KG-UV3D, KG-UV5D, KG-UV6D
Linton Radio : LT-2260, LT-2288, LT-2188, LT-2268, LT-3107, LT-3188, LT-3260, LT-3268, LT-3288, LT-3688, LT-5288, LT-6188, LT-6288, LT-6600, LT-6100, LT-6100 plus
Feidaxin (FDX) / FDC Radio : FD-55, FD-56, FD-58, FD-68, FD-98, FD-268A, FD-268B, FD-278, FD-289, FD-298, FD-380, FD-390, FD-760, FD-850, FD-880, FD-890 FD-3108, FD-6288
Lisheng radio: LS-A188S , LS-E320

100% brand new and original made by Motorola - 100% fit perfectly

Replace the broken or old parts of your valuable motorola bluetooth easily, and looks well, use smoothly.

This Motorola Replacement ear hook is created to provide a form fitting secure fit on either ear. The ear hooks are custom-made to fit your compatible Motorola Bluetooth Headset. Simply wrap around behind either ear. Snap-on installation is quick and easy. This ear hook can be used as an optional or replacement ear hook for Motorola H-Series Bluetooth Headsets. (Bluetooth headset not included).

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