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CE FCC VHF UHF 128 Channels 50 Watt Commercial Transceiver Radio for HuntingMic
Location: China
Brand/Style: Watt Uhf Commercial
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RF Power & SWR meter for 1.8-525Mhz - HF / VHF / UHF 200W
Location: Amazon Warehouse
Brand/Style: Watt Uhf Commercial
Part#: MFJ-874
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Watt Uhf Commercial Details

Power SWR meter for Radio transceivers.
* Has large 3.25x1.25 inch precision illuminated meter for easy wide-angle viewing.
* A highly visible black and red meter scale on a bright white background makes it quick and easy to read SWR, forward or reflected power!
* Meter lamp requires Optional 13.8 VDC. Power pigtail included for wiring.
* A functional and simple front panel layout lets you select power ranges, bands or make SWR readings intuitively.
* This GrandMaster series meter feature an SWR scale that expands the full view of the meter, 3:1 SWR is centered at mid-scale to give you precision and wide-range measurements.
* Features peak and average, forward and reflected power readings and has selectable power ranges.
* Housed in an all metal cabinet, with rubber feet and protected by durable speckled black paint.
* A designer injection molded grey front panel perfectly matches any transceiver.
* Air dielectric SO-239 connectors with gold plated center pins gives superb performance to beyond 525MHz.
* Precisely factory calibrated for accurate measurements.
* Covers HF/UHF/VHF (1.8 - 525 MHz).
5, 20, 200 Watt power ranges.